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‘Do I truly need a website?’

In today’s world where social media is everywhere, one might ponder the question, The clear answer is yes, and I’m here to explain why.

Think back to 2019 when a huge 70-80% of people were checking out companies online before deciding to go there or buy something. If a small business didn’t have a website, it could miss out on a similar percentage of potential customers. Then, in the next year, the whole world shifted more towards being online than being in person. This made having your website even more important.

If you’re not sure and want to know why websites are better than just having social media pages, keep reading.

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 Need A Website

I’ll give you good reasons why Need A Website in 2024 is not just helpful but really necessary:

A website makes your business look professional and helps people trust it more. If a business doesn’t have a good website, many people won’t feel sure about it. But having a well-designed and updated website that shows up in search results makes your business seem more trustworthy. When potential customers can find all the information they need in one place, they’re more likely to trust your business. In today’s digital age, every business is expected to have an online presence.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small local store or part of a community group; having a website is important. Even a simple one-page site can work for a local store, while others might need a full website for different services.

Making a Facebook page or an Instagram account is easy, and someone could copy your profile with fake information. But having a professional business website gives your company credibility in a way that social media can’t do as well.

 Need A Website

Even if you’re not running a business and just want to show your work or create a portfolio to find a job, having a personal website is the most professional and unique way to present yourself in today’s competitive world.”

Having a business website can bring in more customers and boost your sales.

If your website is well-optimized, it can show up on the first page of Google search results, attracting new customers who may not have been specifically looking for your business but were researching a related topic. There’s a higher chance of someone discovering your website this way compared to finding it through a social media profile. Plus, having a professional website makes it easier for people to compare your business with others.

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 Need A Website

If you invest in Google Ads or Facebook Ads, you can direct the people who click on your ads straight to your website. Once they’re on your site, they’ll find all the information they need to make a smart purchase decision, along with a call-to-action that encourages them to take the next step. Websites with built-in forms and notifications can keep visitors engaged and encourage them to come back. Since a website is available 24/7, all year round, from anywhere in the world, your business stays in customers’ minds even when your regular business hours are over. In short, having a website expands your reach and promotes your business consistently without any breaks.

Websites play a crucial role in all marketing efforts. They can be the first place where potential customers discover your business and learn about what you offer.

Moreover, a website can be the final destination where customers make a purchase, having been directed from an email, a Facebook ad, or an Instagram post.

Some visitors might be interested in receiving your emails, prompting them to visit your site and sign up.

Imagine someone passing by your physical store, clicking on the Google Maps pin, and getting directed to your website where they find pricing or a menu.

Others might have typed your website’s URL from a business card they received. Or, perhaps, after watching your YouTube video, they ‘clicked the link in the description below’ to get a coupon code for your new online course.

Whether your business operates online or offline, all your marketing efforts should originate from and lead to your own impressive and informative webpage.

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Managing campaigns becomes simpler when everything is interconnected, and the common factor is a website. Therefore, having a website is not just beneficial—it’s a priority and the initial step toward achieving success.

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