Your Trusted E-Commerce Website & Design Agency

Your Trusted E-Commerce Website & Design Agency

Our team at Engprosoft understands that an e-commerce website is the portal connecting your product to your audience.

We also know that there are many e-commerce websites out there, so yours needs to offer a customized shopping experience aligned with your brand identity.

And that’s exactly what we commit to when you choose us to design your e-commerce website!.

What We Offer to Build Your E-commerce Website

You’re probably wondering what our team at Engprosoft can offer for your e-commerce site, and we’ll go into detail on what’s included in our package.
  • Efficient Categorizing

    Efficient Categorizing

    • Search and sort to easily find categories
    • Manage categories and sub-categories
    • Feature categories within navigation or on the homepage
    • Set categories as “active” or “inactive”
    • Set page URLs and SEO elements for categories
    Navigation Features

    Navigation Features

    • Add drop-down to main navigation
    • Manage SEO elements on links such as link title
    • Set links to open in the same or new window
    • Manage your main navigations including header, side, and footer
  • Content Management for Pages & Blogs

    Content Management for Pages / Blogs

    • Manage content pages and create new content pages
    • Edit pages using a Microsoft Word-like content editor
    • Add images and manage uploaded image library
    • Set page as “active” or “inactive” Set page URL and SEO elements
    • Manage blog posts
    • Set post URL and SEO elements
    • Add blog summary and full blog post using Microsoft Word-like content editor
    Product Display

    Product Display

    • Microsoft Word-like editor for managing content blocks
    • Add products to a single category or multiple categories
    • Add and manage product options
    • Add and manage related products
    • Add and manage accessories
    • Attach and embed YouTube videos
    • Add and manage the main product image and additional images
    • Product fields include name, SKU, product details, additional details, list price, your price, weight, stock, minimum quantity order amount, handling fee, and more.
  • SEO Management Features

    SEO Management Features

    • Configure dynamic title and META tags for brand pages
    • Configure dynamic title and META tags for product pages
    • Specific Titles & Meta Information.
    • Configure site-wide default title and META tags
    • Configure homepage title and META tags
    • Manage all dynamic title tag structures throughout the website
    • Configure dynamic title and META tags for categories and sub-categories
    Reporting Features

    Reporting Features

    • Ability to change dashboard statistics to reflect specific date ranges
    • Interactive administrative dashboard with charts and statistics
    • Dashboard date-range reports include store sales by amount, store sales order volume, new customers vs. returning, top-selling products, top-selling brands, most used discount codes
    • Dashboard general reports (not based on the date range) include low inventory reporting, total products in-store, total categories in-store, customer count, lifetime orders, and lifetime revenue
    • Single reports, outside of the dashboard, include sales by date range, top-selling product by date range, low inventory by quantity, and new customers by date range.
  • Discount & Promotion Management

    Discount & Promotion Management

    • Create and manage discount codes
    • Add discount codes to categories, brands, or products
    • Add discount codes that affect shipping
    • Set codes as “active” or “inactive”
    • Ability to set percentages off, amount off, or a set price
    • Set and manage dates code is active
    • Set minimum and maximum quantity for discount codes
    • Set number of times code can be used before automatically becoming inactive
    Order Management Features

    Order Management Features

    • Search and sort to easily find orders by specific variables
    • Manage and updated order status
    • View order number and all customer information
    • View shipping and billing address maps
    • Create and manage custom order statuses
    • Receive email when order is placed
    • Export orders to Excel
    • View order information and purchase details (products, tax, shipping, addresses, etc.)

 How We Operate E-Commerce Design

Take your expectations, objectives and business needs

After we take your expectations, objectives, and business needs into consideration, we base our work and tailor it to suit your needs. Whether you are spreading information, selling products/services, or even creating an online community, we determine the necessary features to be aligned with your business needs; to maximize the probability of landing a lot of customers. Not only that but also maintain their loyalty to the business and build a well-established reputation.

Optimize your site for search engines

The next step would be to optimize your site for search engines, in a process known as Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ); so that it can be found easily by people who are looking for products related to your niche or brand on Google or Bing Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). This is an essential step that creates massive traffic to your website. Research in this area has found that one great advantage of this method in comparison with online ads for example is consistency. And when it comes to revenue, consistency is key! Unlike online ads, traffic and visits from customers who are actively searching for a similar product or service are way more likely to result in a purchase. Plus, the fact that it is constant over long periods of time doesn’t result in a peak and then goes back to decline or at best stays constant (a plateau). This whole SEO process requires following a fixed set of steps, like keyword research and optimization strategies such as using keywords in URLs, titles, and meta descriptions… etc. Hence, we provide a well-educated team who has been working with SEO for a long period of time with thousands of clients successfully.

Designing your E-Commerce website

Afterward, we would start by designing your e-commerce website to not only be attractive but to appeal to a certain category of customers’ “target market”. On average, a customer spends around 15 to 30 seconds on each website, and that is how long you have got to captivate them, or simply, lose them. Therefore, we try to win as many customers over as possible, and even beyond that!

Content Management System (CMS)

One aspect that is very important and only experts know to pay attention to, is the backend. And just like the front end (what visitors see) gets a lot of effort and attention, the backend, or the Content Management System (CMS) needs maintenance as well. That section is concerned with controlling, maintaining, and developing all features present on your website and that customers interact with. We have a bunch of amazing backend developers on our side that can take care of that.

Moving forward after setting up everything

Moving forward after setting up everything we have discussed, we move to the fine-tuning stage, where we go through the website and make sure that everything is mistakes-free. Think of this like post-publishing maintenance, for both the grammatical mistakes and the programming (technical) side. Because nothing undermines a website like those little mistakes that drive people’s subconscious towards thinking “oh, those people are not professionals” or “they don’t know what they are doing”. Hence, it is our duty to keep it all error-free. In a nutshell, we treat your business like our own!

Our Goals

Our Goals for Your E-Commerce Website Design

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