The Art of Website Maintenance

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A lot of people think that after establishing their website and getting the heavy lifting dealt with, their work there is done.

That is a huge mistake. It’s the little things that add up, and in a lot of cases, the fine-tuning is as important, or even more, as the actual framing work.

And since the website will be your customers’ first impression of your business, it needs to be taken care of in the best way possible.

What is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance is simple as it indicates, maintaining your website in each and every aspect there is.

You need to keep watching the website to relate to your customers and see with their eyes. It encompasses lots of things like keeping the information up to date, adding fresh content every now and then to keep your customers hooked, and constantly fine-tuning designs to get rid of boredom and give customers a sense of constant development and update.

Plus of course, fixing bugs and errors that may arise afterward. And of course, updating and developing your security systems to keep your website and customers safe from hackers and malicious software programs. Hence, unlike what many people think, the website maintenance umbrella is way broader than merely fixing bugs.

All of this makes your website as fresh as possible and leads to its recognition by search engines, which in term helps it rank at the top of every relevant search. This is of massive revenue value to almost every business that is out there.

So, whether you are an individual, a small business, or even a huge firm, and whether your target audience is hundreds, thousands, or even millions, website maintenance is a major point that must be considered with the right amount of attention and care as this is imperative for any business’ growth.

Here at Engprosoft, not only do we understand the importance and significance of Website Design, but we also have got a savvy team with years of experience who are able to get the job done and take good care of your website.

Some important maintenance steps that we perform

  • Backup all the data on the website

    Backup all the data on the website

    Nothing is as frustrating and infuriating as losing everything you have worked hard for, over a long period of time. And nothing is as trust-breaking for customers, as content or data disappearing completely from the business’ website. Hence, it becomes clearly visible that it’s no longer a luxury in the internet age to back your data up, to both establish customers’ trust and save your own effort, time, and money.

    Check the loading speed

    Check the loading speed

    Research showed that loading speed contributed to a significant share of lost revenue. According to one article in BBC interactive, a half-second increase in page loading speed (from 0.4 to 0.9s) caused a 20% drop in traffic and revenue! Hence constantly checking that is a must. That’s why it’s one of the key points we focus on prioritizing in our maintenance guidelines.

  • Update the software and plugins

    Update the software and plugins

    Software is like your customers’ guide; it helps them interact with your website and takes them from one page to another. Plugins are add-ons to the software to enhance their experience and facilitate their interactions. So, let me ask you this: would you revisit a place where your guide didn’t provide a good hospitability?

    Remove spam comments and interactions

    Remove spam comments and interactions

    Every one of us has visited a website or an internet page and found some random comment that has nothing to do with the content that page was presenting. That is called “spams”, and their presence in a large amount is like the presence of rust on your engine. It indicates that your website is dusty, and no one is taking care of it.

  • Check all the hyperlinks and eliminate broken ones

    Check all the hyperlinks and eliminate broken ones

    When surfing a website for a product or a piece of information, one often gets interested in a particular product and wants to know more about it. If the website is well-built, one often finds a hyperlink that directs them to another page with more specific details about that subject.

    Now imagine you got captivated and your eyes sparked after seeing a product, you decide you want to buy it after knowing all about it. You find a hyperlink and be super-interested to open it up, and then, you click, only to get an error page, or to get nowhere. Now that is the losing-a-customer-101 textbook.

    That is why we pay a great deal of attention to checking every single hyperlink there is on your website, updating what needs to be updated, and eliminating all the broken ones.

    Run security scans

    Run security scans

    Scanning for vulnerabilities is arguably the most important step there is in website maintenance. You need to run different checks and tests to ensure that your website is immune to random hackers and malicious attacks, and to protect both your own business and clients, especially when there is a monetary transaction involved. Getting this aspect fulfilled is a significant step and goes a long way in establishing a good reputation among your customers.

    Because trust is easily broken, and all it takes is one customer getting robbed and your business’ reputation going to the ground. And we don’t that to happen, hence, we allocate a seismic amount of effort towards securing your website and cleansing it from any potentially dangerous programs.

  • Updating the website design

    Updating the Website Design

    Again, just like your house, you need to get things moving around every now and then to kill boredom and get a sense of renewal. It is the same with your website! We have a full team dedicated to suggesting new designs that suit your business needs and running them by you first then implementing them on the website.

    Once you get our service, we take amazing care of your business, and we treat your business like it is ours. All that, and more, comes at a very fair price!

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