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EngProSoft is a professional company that provides astounding software development services

Software development is the method computer programmers use to conceive, specify, design, program, document, test, and bug-fix computer programs. It is also known as the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), including multiple stages that provide a method for building products that meet technical standards and certain user requirements.

EngProSoft is a professional company that provides astounding software development services that are both efficient and specific to all its customers. We have been building and maintaining software programs and tools for years and years now. Hence, we understand that each software needs to fit your business goals.

 How Do We Operate?

As one of the elite most experienced professional service-providing companies, we offer you a bundle of services that includes almost everything you’d need for that matter, here we list some of them.

Identify Needs

Since we have done this many times, we know that the first step of the software development life cycle is usually brainstorming and market analysis to do what is called “needs identification”. Before starting to build software, you must execute extensive research to gauge the product’s viability.

We also must identify the features and services the software should provide; to best serve target customers and be of actual substantial value. To know this information, EngProSoft uses multiple methods, one of them being feedback analysis from existing and potential customers.

Analyze Requirements

This is the second step of the process, where stakeholders and business owners agree with the software developers on the proposed software’s features and technical details. Hence, a detailed outline of each component necessary to provide a quality product must be provided.

At EngProSoft, we are oriented toward what you decide, and what your business needs, not what we think is right for you. Therefore, we go back and forth and run everything by you until we reach a common plan.

At this step also our professional programmers decide and choose their software development approach, and things get clearer and clearer.

Suggest Potential Designs

At this third stage, we make sure that our architects and developers draw up advanced technical features they need to create according to the requirements. At this stage also multiple factors must be discussed, such as risk levels, team composition, applicable technologies, time, budget, project limitations, method, and architectural design. Hence, we do so as smoothly as can be done.

At this stage, we will have come up with your Design Specification Document (DSD), which is a document that clarifies almost everything about the product, from the architectural design, components, communication, front-end representation to reaching user flows. This provides a template for developers and testers and reduces the chances of any unwanted flaws and delays in the end-product.

Code and Implement

In this stage, our developers at EngProSoft start to implement the design parameters that have been agreed on in the previous stages. Following the company’s policies, procedures, and guidelines, front-end developers build interfaces and back-ends, and database administrators create relevant data and maintain databases. Programmers also test and review each other's code. To make sure we get a perfect result in the end.

Once the coding process is complete, our developers deploy the product to an environment in the implementation stage. This allows them to test a pilot (trial) version of the program to make performances that match the requirements.


After the last step, EngProSoft wants to make sure your product will come out exactly as it is supposed to. Hence, our testers come into the picture. In the testing phase, we check for bugs and verify the performance before delivering the product to users.

In this stage, our expert testers verify the product's functions to make sure it performs according to the requirements analysis document.

Testers usually use exploratory testing if they have a previous experience with the software or a test script to validate the performance of its individual components. Our testers notify our developers of defects, has there have been any, in the code. If developers confirm the flaws are valid, they start improving the software, and the testers repeat the process until the software is free of bugs and behaves according to the requirements.

Deploy and Maintain

This is the final stage that we follow, once the software is defect-free, our developers can deliver it to target customers. After the release of a software's production version, our IT software development company creates a maintenance team to manage issues clients encounter. Maintenance can be a hot fix if it is a minor issue but severe software failures require an update.

Our Goals

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